About Me

“Divine health  is your original design!”

Making choices to become a balanced person in every area of her life has been Rachel’s personal health goal since 1993 when the doctors couldn’t figure out why she was having debilitating stomach pain, breakouts, heart palpitations, headaches and sluggishness. Several health challenges and many doctor appointments later, Rachel  made ElectroDermal Screening & Essential Oils a part of her path to a healthy balanced life. Overcoming a rare and potentially near fatal condition, Rachel became an ElectroDermal Screening client. As a believer and spokesperson for the profound and positive life changing affects this alternative method has had in her personal health & well-being, Rachel has become a certified EDS technician to facilitate physical healing to others.  When western medicine couldn’t bring relief, EDS was the form of alternative healthcare that brought immediate and long lasting healing. Her ability to identify health issues quickly, then to recommend a natural protocol to balance the body saves money, time and years of living with infirmities. Her zeal and passion is to  bring health & wholeness to people of all ages.

Rachel balancing

“My passion is to activate others in living a balanced life body, soul & spirit. My method of operation is to screen, identify what the issues are, and partner with you to make smart choices to live a healthy balanced life.  Detoxing from the inside out by addressing the core emotional issues and getting to the root of the imbalances,  sets you free from the negative, toxic consequences of sickness and disease.”

Rachel has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics Accounting with a minor in Child Development. As an entrepreneur she has been licensed & certified in several service industries including Financial Services, Childcare, Inner Healing, and as an ElectroDermal Screening Technician.