EDS Disclaimer & Fees

Peacock feather bouquetBalanced Points Technicians or staff do not provide medical diagnosis or treatment. Our only objective is to provide the information and tools needed to eliminate imbalances within your body systems.

For the diagnosis, treatment of any disease, please consult a licensed physician or healthcare professional who specializes in that area. At no time will there be any implied and/or stated indication for any client to discontinue the medication and or treatments prescribed by their physician.

USFDA approves of EDS for investigational purposes only and is not intended, implied or stated to replace any conventional medical test and/or diagnostic procedure.

Balanced Points Health & Wellness reserves the right to refuse service or dismiss a client at any time.

Fee for service & protocol is subject to change. Monies are due and payable at the beginning of the screening and before any protocol orders are placed.

Screening Fee     $175
Recheck Fee         $100
Protocol              6 – 8 week protocol price will vary from $50 – $900
Essential Oils     Price will vary
Shipping Fee      Price will vary
Merchant Fee     4%
NSF Fee                $50
Restocking Fee    50%
Returns – no items will be accepted for return if seal is broken. Authorization must be granted & a 50% restocking fee will apply for any refunds.
Thank you for choosing to live a balanced life!!

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